About Gallus Audio Technology

More than 40 years of experience and creativity has resulted in a brand new shining star among producers of top loudspeakers.

Gallus Audio Technology and their experienced, creative and capable team have spent more than ten years creating and designing a two new line of loudspeakers which seeks to achieve perfection: a new dimension and experience of sound.

The sound produced by Gallus speakers will fascinate you and create a new and astonishing sound experience right in front of you, giving you insight into a new sonic dimension. Gallus speakers are distinguished by a natural and transparent sound, which is open, full of details and projects a wide sonic and spatial picture. Great dynamics and expansive stereo imaging roundout the Gallus speakers’ superior sound unmatched by all but the best high-end high class speakers.
We wish you many unforgettable moments by listening music.

Vojko Ignjic, Founder and owner of Gallus Audio Technology

Vojko Ignjic, founder and designer